What Every Woman Should Know About Money

I discovered this gem deep in the U.S. News library. It dates back to May 16, 1958, and the amazing thing is just how little money advice to women has changed in the 57+ years that have passed. I could have written most of the article yesterday, with a few updates. The article asks women to make sure they know how to manage the household finances in case the husband passes away, to familiarize themselves with the household budget and to write a write a will. Make sure you know all about your husband's income, the article advises, including his investments and debts. 

One difference is the underlying assumption that it's the man of the house who is running things and the wife playing catch-up, but interestingly, many articles make similar assumptions today.

One woman profiled in the piece, a Mrs. Charles U. Bay, described as a broker and businesswoman, urges wives to take a more active role in their finances. "The younger wife coming on ismuch more able than the middle-aged wife who has been more protected. I would say that the young people today are much more alive and knowledgeable. They haven't had all the care and protection that my age has had, and they know more of what it is all about."

Those "younger wives" she refers to are now grandmothers themselves today, and I can imagine them making similar comments about today's "young wives"!