The 2016 Money Planner Is Here!

*For a limited time, as a thank you for being part of my community, you can download the 2016 Money Planner (click here to download)! Please feel free to share this link with friends who might be interested!*

Ready to take charge of your money in 2016? This 2016 Money Planner is designed to help you meet your financial, career, and life goals for the year. It’s organized in an easy-to-use, month-by-month format, and is based on my years of working as a personal finance columnist and author. You can check it out in my Etsy store of Palmer's Planners!

Along with plenty of space to customize personal to-dos and goals, this printable file includes:

• 2016: My Money Vision
• 2016: My Money Goals
• January: Getting Zen
• February: Credit? Check.
• March: Hello, Tax Man
• April: Spring Cleaning
• May: Supercharging Savings
• June: Earn More
• July: Easy Livin’
• August: Back to School
• September: Golden Goals
• October: Hunkering Down
• November: Family Time
• December: Reflect, Renew, Rebalance
• Financial Freedom: A Visual Definition
• My Financial Accounts & Financial Contact Information
• Quarterly & Mid-Year Review Checklists & Progress Report
• Spending Diary Notes
• Budget Map
• 2016 Year in Review
• 2017 Money Goals: Brainstorming Space
• Savvy Sources