The Best Apps for Busy Moms

Like many moms, my smartphone is never far from my hands. Yes, I try to tear myself away during playtime and let work go when I'm with my little ones, but it's also a useful tool for so many reasons. Many tantrums have been quieted thanks to some well-timed photo-flipping by my two-year-old. Here are some of my favorite apps for busy mamas:

1. Common Sense Media

If I'm ever wondering if a particular movie or show is appropriate for my kiddies, I turn to this app first. It has steered me away from scary scenes in Finding Nemo and offered much-needed guidance on everything from Cinderella to Frozen. It's also helped me find some older movies that my kids love for family movie nights.

2. Jot Not Pro and Genius Scan

Feeling overwhelmed by school forms? No worries -- this app will help you sort and store them. I love knowing that our essential documents, including medical forms, are scanned and stored with these apps.

3. The Weather Channel

Wondering whether you'll make it to the playground before the storm hits? There's an app for that.

4. Pandora

Because sometimes you have to dance to Children's Indie Radio or even Kidz Bop.

5. Sesame Street Go

Because sometimes Elmo can really come to your rescue, and I certainly don't want my kids playing around on YouTube to find him. I'm always looking for safe ways to let them use technology without putting them at risk for interacting with the less kid-friendly parts of the Internet.

6. Dubsmash

It is so hilarious, especially on rainy afternoons.

7. Amazon

Somehow we have to find a way to keep the diapers and wipes arriving on time; the Amazon app is my answer to that.

8. Uber

Thanks to the +car seat option, I always know we can find a safe ride when out and about.

9. Kiwi Corner

The treasure trove of DIY craft ideas has introduced us to homemade ice cream and more activities to do with glitter glue than I thought existed.

10. Find Friends

Because sometimes the kids just want to know when Daddy is coming home from work already.

What am I missing? What are your favorite apps?